Who are we?

UPGRADE is a dynamic company in the field of Management consulting and project planning.

Upgrade was founded in 2006 and is the result of the cooperation of executive counselors with extensive experience in the field of Management consuting both in public and in private sector. Upgrade has a team of scientific partners, successful executives with a rich academic background who can offer unique learning experiences and counseling.


UPGRADE engages in the design, implementation, support and evaluation of the development programmes and investment initiatives.

UPGRADE offers a wide range of activities, which include:

Project planning

UPGRADE Consulting and Training supports the project planning for strategic and operational purpose, investment and business plans, human resources support, confrontation of environmental issues, specialized studies.


Services utilizing ESPA's resources

UPGRADE Consulting and Training contributes effectively to the planned utilization of the EU funds.


Support services for development and investment initiatives in emerging markets

UPGRADE Consulting and Training cooperates with local organizations and experts in emerging countries, which provides them the opportunity to indicate areas with excellent original business interest.


Evaluation consulting

Upgrade’s Services are provided in the form of internal assessment in each project, which is implemented – coordinated with the responsibility of our company as an essential component of the design – implementation – control process.


Project management

UPGRADE Consulting and Training undertakes the completion of all phases of a project-Design-Implementation-Control


Construction management

UPGRADE Consulting and Training undertakes the completion of all stages of a technical project-Design-Implementation-Control.


Management consulting

UPGRADE Consulting and Training offers to its customers expert professional advice and research, with a commitment to help its clients to create competitive advantage, so as their optimum performance is achieved.


Marketing consulting

UPGRADE Consulting and Training contributes to both the design and implementation of the Marketing strategy, guiding the successful enterprises in promoting their products and / or services.


Upgrade in numbers


Success in investment programmes 80%


Customer satisfaction 90%


Holders of university degrees 100%


Average growth rate 30%


Geographical coverage 100%


UPGRADE is activated in education of executives, in vocational specialization and personal development in order to increase the efficiency of the individual and therefore the efficiency of the business. The services of UPGRADE address to:

  • Business-Organizations
  • Business Executives
  • Students

The methodology, followed by the UPGRADE, is based on diagnosis techniques of educational needs in order to:

  • be demonstrated the effective contribution of educational programs to achieve business goals.
  • Executives involved in the educational process to directly apply new knowledge to improve personal and corporate performance.