Project planning

Knowing that no initiative can proceed efficiently without the preparedness of reliable studies, UPGRADE Consulting and Training supports the project planning for:

  • Strategic and operational purpose: Strategic Development Plans, Local Development Plans, Integrated Development Planning, Tourism Cultural and Social Development.
  • Investment and business plans: Business plan, Master Plan, Feasibility Studies - Sustainability Studies, Market Research, Feasibility studies for the inclusion in the Investment Law.
  • Human Resources Support: Integrated human resource development, local employment initiatives, support of specific social groups, labor market integration, Social - Demographic Characteristics Studies .
  • Confrontation of environmental issues: Management Plans, Special Environmental Studies, Pre-Approval studies - Topology studies, Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Specialized studies:  Costing study & Services assessment


The effective support of the project planning ensured by:

  • the full scientific relevance of the research team
  • the determination of strict criteria and high standards, harmonized with national and EU legislation
  • the service and correspondence of the study with the desired result
  • the effective contribution of the staff of the Employer
  • the on time delivery within the specified time limits.