Management consulting services


UPGRADE Consulting and Training offers to its customers expert professional advice and research, with a commitment to help its clients to create and sustain competitive advantage, so as their optimum performance is achieved.

The services are categorized:

Design and implementation of Business Plans

The design of a Βusiness Ρlan is an important tool to improve business performance. Its aim is the analysis of the current situation, both of the market and the business, taking into account all the possible parameters that can affect positively or negatively the business growth and viability.

The core modules of strategic and operational planning include:

  • Analysis of the Current Situation
  • Analysis of External and Internal Environment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vision and key strategic framework
  • Identification of Strategic Goals
  • Formulation and Evaluation of Alternative Scenarios
  • Identification and Analysis of individual Operational Goals
  • Development Plans (Marketing, Production, organization and staffing, etc.)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Timetable and Scheduling Implementation Business Plan
  • Establishing indicators to monitor and evaluate the implementation of actions

Procedures and Organization of Enterprises

Upgrade undertakes the organization of the business in the key areas in order to successfully meet the intended development.

The organization covers the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Human resources Management
  • Financial operation
  • Finance

Developing strategies and Politics

The process of the configuration of a business strategy is a combination of objectives (goals) for which the firm is struggling and ways(policies) by which is trying to get there. A strategy is sometimes called a roadmap that captures the path chosen to lead towards the final vision. This part is very important for businesses as it ensures that the company will move in the right direction which is in the final vision.

Development of sales networks

The organization and development of a sales network strengthens and enhances relations between companies with other companies creating mutual benefits and obligations across the network from the company-producer and agent to the final buyer and has a positive impact on direct service and affects management decisions in marketing development of a suitable mix (product, price, promotion, distribution) depending on the target market. The development of sales networks contributes:

  • in the increase of sales
  • in the increase of market share
  • in the improvement of profitability

Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Systems aim at improving operational efficiency through improved team and individual performance. The implementation of a performance system (such as Balanced Scorecard, etc.) allows a business to implement the vision and strategy more effectively by introducing a system for measuring performance indicators, which combines and enhances the administration system.

Market research

Market research is any organized effort to collect information on the market and consumers. The market research studies the consumer habits in specific population groups, identifies unmet needs and it can also create new needs and aims to collect and process information related to the needs of a specific target market, its size, and also the competitive businesses that exist in a market.

Market research is an integral part of business strategy, as with the help of the market research, executives of a company can rely on it and solve their major strategic problems.


It is about any kind of commercial transaction between people (natural and others) made ​​by electronic means. E-Commerce is a new way of customer service, which is developing rapidly, because it gathers many advantages for both the buyer and the seller